Wedding Music 101

Choosing the wedding music for your big day?

Whether you are going with DJ Ipod or a full swing band to provide the musical entertainment, let us help you make the choices that are right for YOU.

The songs that will reflect who you are as individuals and who you are as a couple. Music that will honor your background, culture and religion.

Click on the links below to go straight to the part of your big day you want to plan:

Plan Your Wedding Music:

Ceremony Wedding Music

Click Here to start planning your music for your ceremony from your walk down the aisle to your postlude.

Reception Wedding Music

To plan your reception wedding music from your cocktail hour to your last dance Click Here.

Why Plan The Music For Your Wedding?

The music you choose for your wedding day will create the mood and set the tone for every single part of your big day.

The best wedding music usually consists songs that form a beautiful, memorable and personalized soundtrack to your day. For years after the wedding, those special songs you are now choosing will bring back memories of your wedding day.

The most memorable marriage celebrations are those at which everyone, young and old have a great time and where there are many emotional highs. From the tears shed at the ceremony to the fun on the dance floor.

There is no better way to ensure your big day is full of emotional highlights than to plan your music well.

Wedding Music is so much more than just a collection of songs

Originally I just wanted to create a very simple site to give couples planning the music for their weddings some ideas about the songs, but it became so much more. I realized that there are a lot of to keep in mind, so here I will share with you...

* 100's of song suggestions that you can listen to and download

* How to be true to YOU while not upsetting your in-laws/grandma

* 7 Things to remember when planning your ceremony music

* Celebrity Wedding Songs & Royal Wedding Music Choices

* Alternatives to many old (and often outdated) traditions

* How to theme your wedding day music.

* 12 Tips & Ideas to keep your guests dancing all night long.

* Tips on how to WOW with your first dance.

* Ways to end your night on a high.

* How to make a slideshow you'll be proud to show at your reception.

See your wedding day as a movie you are directing. Plan the scenes one by one and choose the right musical score. Browse the links on the left or above to find which part of your nuptials you want to work on, or start at the very beginning.

On every page you will be able to listen to all the songs, and then to download them instantly. Have fun!

Stay Up To Date

If you still have a few months to plan your wedding, then make sure you don't miss any great new songs or ideas. It's easy, choose one of the following ways to stay up to date:

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2. Like us on Facebook where we share songs we come across (that might not be on the site) that would be great for weddings as well as videos of ideas to steal and use in your own wedding.

3. Don't like RSS or Facebook? Then bookmark our Wedding Music Blog to stay up to date with any updates we make.

4. More of a visual person? Follow us on Pinterest for some music and entertainment ideas as well as ideas of how to create artwork out of your wedding song after the wedding day is over!

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Country Wedding Music:

Country Wedding Music

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Twilight Wedding Music:

Twilight Wedding Music

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