Your Garter Removal Song

The garter removal song is played once your MC has made the announcement that you are now going to do the garter removal and toss. It is up to you when you would like to perform this ritual.

Most people do it around 30 - 40 minutes after the first dance (if it is an evening wedding), or straight before you leave the reception (if it is ending early or you are having a day wedding).

Discuss with your DJ and MC when and how you would like everything to take place. They will have to work together to coordinate the music and make everything run smoothly.

garter removal song

Your MC or DJ would normally fade out the dancing music and announce that it is time for the garter removal and toss, and that all the single guys should make their way to the dance floor. Have one or two chairs ready on the dance floor (or other similar open area).

Your DJ will then start playing your garter removal song while you step onto the chair (alternatively take a seat on one of the chairs and lift your leg onto the other). Your MC can start calling any shy guys over the music. Once everyone who should be there is gathered, the groom can start to remove the garter. He then turns his back and tosses it into the crowd of gathered single guys.

If you are looking for some alternatives to the traditional garter removal and toss, read further down the page.

The garter removal song is normally something a little naughty or sexy, but it totally depends on your tastes.

Choose Your Garter Removal Song:

American Woman - Lenny Kravitz

Another One Bites The Dust - Queen

Bad Boys - Inner Circle

Bootylicious - Destinys Child

Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

Can't Get Enough of Your Love - Barry White

Cherry Pie - Warrant

Dirty - Christina Aguilera

Do You Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart

Fever - Peggy Lee

Foxy Lady - Jimi Hendrix

Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera

Get It Started - Blackeye Peas

Gimme All Your Loving - ZZ Top

Hot In Here - Nelly

Hot Legs - Rod Stewart

Hot Stuff - Donna Summer

I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock N Roll - Nick Lowe

( I Wanna Be) Your Underwear - Bryan Adams

I'm A Slave For You - Britany Spears

Legs - ZZ Top

Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye

Macho Man - The Village People

Mission Impossible Theme

My My My - Armand Van Helden

Naughty Girl - Beyonce

One Hot Mama - Trace Adkins

Peter Gunn Theme - Henri Mancini

Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Offspring

Real Good Man - Tim McGraw

Rumble – Link Wray

Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

Sex Bomb - Tom Jones

Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top

Take It Off - Kiss

The Pink Panther Theme - Henry Mancini

The Stripper - David Rose

Theme from Rocky

U Cant Touch This - M.C. Hammer

Whatta Man - Salt n Pepa

Wild Thang - The Weather Girls

Wild Thing - The Troggs

Whoomp There It Is – Tag Team

You Can Leave Your Hat On - Joe Cocker

You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate

Austin Powers Theme

Jaws Theme

10 Fun Garter Removal Song Ideas and Alternatives:

There may be many reasons why you do not want to go for the normal ritual with a garter removal song. You may have been to many weddings before and would like something a little different, you may have very few single friends left or you just want to break away from conformity. Whatever the reason, have a look at some fun alternatives below:

1. Have your MC warn the DJ that you are about to do the garter removal so that he/she can have the appropriate garter removal song ready. Instead of calling all the single guys to the dance floor your MC or DJ can call all the married guys. The groom then removes the garter as you stand or sit on a chair. The garter can then be tossed into the crowd of married guys. The guy who catches it is then instructed to place it on his wife's thigh when they get back to their house or hotel room. To start the dancing again the guy who caught the garter and his wife can open the floor on a nice love song (perhaps their own first dance song if the DJ has it).

2. To make the garter removal a bit more fun and entertaining the groom can play a few tricks. He can come equipped with a headlight to light his way as he tries to find the garter under the dress. Or he can come out with a number of things - everything but the garter! Some grooms come out with pots and pans, panties, cigarettes etc. Bouquet & Garter catchers bow to each other

3. If the groom will be wearing a kilt on the wedding day, then why not have him wear the garter instead? The bride can then remove it while the garter removal song is playing and toss it to the single guys.

4. You can even do the garter removal and toss and the bouquet toss at the same time. Choose an instrumental song to remove the garter to (perhaps Pink Panther or another theme song). Then have the single guys on one side of the room and the single girls on the other. The bride and groom can then toss the two on the count of three.

5. Get all the bachelors on the floor and start asking them some questions about their dating habits. You can ask things like: "all the guys with girlfriends or who have been on a date in the past month can step forward". Continue like this till you have a winner!

6. Instead of calling only the single people, call all the guys and girls. Traditionally the guy who catches the garter will be the next to marry, but you can make it clear that it will only be good luck!

7. If you don't want to wear a garter then have your groom toss his "little black book" to all his single friends!

8. If the bride is a little skittish about having you crawl up her dress, then why not have the garter fall from the ceiling instead? Place a garter in a dark colored balloon and fill it along with several other identical balloons with helium. They can float on the ceiling above the dance floor. Give each bachelor a turn to pop a balloon with a stick (with a pin at the end). If the bachelor is lucky, a frilly garter will fall from the balloon!

9. Host an auction for the garter. Either choose a charity you two are interested in or say that the auction money goes towards your honeymoon!

10. If you think the bachelors at your wedding will need some convincing to catch the garter, attach a note to it or tell them the garter comes with a free drink at the bar!

Funny Garter Removal Video!

If the groom is not shy and the families not too prudish, then take a cue from this couple and make your garter removal and toss something your guests will talk about for a long time after the wedding:

Chosen your Garter Removal Song? Choose your Bouquet Toss song now - Click Here!

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