Beautiful Wedding Hymns

Wedding hymns are an important part of your church wedding music. Traditionally most Christian wedding services will include one to three hymns.

Usually there will be one sung on arrival, one after the marriage ceremony and again a final one after the blessing or the signing of the register.

You can choose almost any hymn to be sung at your wedding ceremony, but discuss your choices or preferences with your minister as they can guide you in your decisions.

36 Beautiful Wedding Hymns:

Wedding Hymns

Below is a list of wedding hymns for a traditional church ceremony (click on the links to open a new window where you can listen to different versions of the wedding ceremony hymns and instantly download the mp3 file):

  1. Abide with Me
  2. All My Hope on God is Founded
  3. All Things Bright and Beautiful
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. Bind Us Together
  6. Come Let Us Sing Of A Wonderful Love
  7. Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
  8. Glory To Thee, O Lord
  9. Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost
  10. Great is thy Faithfulness
  11. Guide me O Thou Great Redeemer
  12. How Great Thou Art
  13. Immortal Invisible, God Only Wise
  14. Immortal Love, Forever Full
  15. Jerusalem
  16. Jesus Shall Reign
  17. Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us
  18. Lord Of All Hopefulness
  19. Lord of the Dance
  20. Love Divine, All Love Excelling
  21. Make Me a Channel of Your Peace
  22. Morning Has Broken
  23. Oh Worship the King
  24. One More Step Along The World I Go
  25. O Perfect Love
  26. O Praise Ye The Lord
  27. Peace Perfect Peace
  28. Praise My Soul, The King Of Heaven
  29. Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
  30. Praise to the Holiest in The Height
  31. Tell Out, My Soul! The Greatness of the Lord
  32. The Lord's My Shepherd I'll Not Want
  33. The Marriage Prayer
  34. Through all the Changing Scenes of Life
  35. To God Be the Glory
  36. We Pledge to one Another

Music and Lyrics:

Not 100% sure about which hymns to choose? Have a listen to the music and read the lyrics (where it was possible to find a video with lyrics) in the YouTube playlist below:

How To Choose The Best Wedding Hymns:

1. Try and choose not only hymns that you like, but also pick ones that your guests will know.

2. Keep in mind that certain hymns have very high keys and notes. Make sure it is something your guests will be able to sing.

3. Have a look at the words of the hymns. Choose lyrics that will mean something to you and your future life partner.

4. Think about the length of each chosen hymn - you don't want your ceremony and the hymns to drag on for too long.

5. If your church can provide you with an organist who will know the hymns that you have chosen, do consider using them (even at a fee) as they just sound really special with a traditional organ.

6. Remember that some of your guests might not be regular church goers, shy singers, or might even not be Christians, and will therefore not know or have the courage to sing the wedding hymns you have chosen. If you have a smallish wedding you might be stuck with no singing at all!  Choose a recording with vocals or use the church choir (if they have one you can use and you have the budget for it). It will help your guests to keep the tempo and at least if none of your guests sing, there will still be singing.

7. Also consider having a hymn (or even just an appropriate love song) played or sung while you are signing the register. Otherwise this can become a very quiet time in a church!

Wedding Hymns CD's:

Greatest Hymns - Selah

A CD with a great selection of classic hymns revived beautifully with great harmonies. It gets wonderful reviews on Amazon and would be a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the most popular hymns and how you can use them in your wedding ceremony.

Be Still My Soul: The Ultimate Hymns Collection

A collection of 23 of the best loved hymns beautifully performed. All the songs on this cd are also available for download individually, so there is no need to buy the entire cd, but it does get great reviews and should be a worthy investment in planning your wedding ceremony music.

So now that you have chosen your wedding ceremony hymns, go ahead and choose your other wedding ceremony songs:

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