Unity Candle Music

Unity candle music will lend that little extra mood and feeling to this special part of your wedding ceremony.

The unity candle ceremony is an optional but very popular part of many modern wedding ceremonies. The lighting of the unity candle is symbolic of the joining together of the bride and groom and on a larger scope the two families.

The unity candle ceremony uses two taper candles with a large pillar candle (the unity candle) in the center. At the start of the wedding ceremony, one of each of the families (usually the parents of the bride and groom), will light the two taper candles.

Unity Candle Music and Sand Ceremony Songs

At the appropriate time during the ceremony (usually after the vows) the minister will explain the symbolic ritual to the guests and the bride and groom will then use the two taper candles to light the larger unity candle together.

Some couples prefer to save the unity candle and to light it every year on their anniversary.

For outdoor and beach weddings the unity candle ceremony can be exchanged for a Sand Ceremony which is similar in concept but uses colored sand instead of candles.

Unity Candle Songs:

Both the unity candle and the sand ceremony can be enhanced by special unity candle music and an explanation of the symbolism. Below are a few appropriate unity candle songs:

Classical and Instrumental Unity Candle Music:

Sleepers Awake! - Bach

Gymnopedie No. 1 - Satie

Wedding Song - Kenny G

Greensleeves - Various Artists

When You Say You Love Me - Josh Groban (Piano Tribute)

Love Theme from St Elmo's Fire - David Foster

Vocal Unity Candle Songs:

I will be here - Steven Curtis Chapman

Give me Forever (I Do) - John Tesh

Keeper of the Stars - Tracy Byrd

One Hand, One Heart - Bernstein (West Side Story)

When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating

Let It Be - The Beatles

Everything I Do - Bryan Adams

I Do (Cherish You) - 98 degrees

How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees

By My Side - Ben Harper

Because You Loved Me - Celine Dion

Feels Like Home - Chantal Kreviazuk

After All - Cher

Circle of Life - Elton John

Beautiful in My Eyes - Joshua Kadison

This I Promise You - N Sync

Forever and For Always - Shania Twain

From this moment - Shania Twain and Bryan White

Unconditional - Clay Davidson

I Cross My Heart - George Strait

Me and You - Kenny Chesney

You Light Up My Life - Leanne Rimes

Grow Old With Me - Various

Always - Atlantic Starr

You're My Latest, Greatest Inspiration - Teddy Pendergrass

Always & Forever - Heatwave

All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo

For You - Kenny Lattimore

Amazing Grace - Various

The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli

When You Say You Love Me - Josh Groban

Ave Maria - Pavarotti

You and Me - Rosie Thomas

Songbird - Fleetwood Mac

Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong

Covenant Hymn - Gary Daigle

The Wedding Song - Noel Paul Stookey

This Little Light of Mine - Various

I Cross My Heart - George Strait

Candle of Unity - KayaMBeE - Unity Candle Music written with this ceremony in mind.

5 Ways To Include Unity Candle Songs:

Unity Candle Music

1. Listen to the lyrics of some of the unity candle songs above and pick one that closely relates you the story of the two of you and how you feel about each other.

2. If it is your second marriage or you already have children together, you may want to include them in the unity candle ceremony. You can do so by giving them their own little candles and lighting them with your own. The family together then light the unity candle. When opting for this version of the ceremony think of songs with appropriate words, perhaps one of the following:

Circle of Life by Elton John,

Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

This Little Light of Mine ( a sweet little gospel song).

3. Do rehearse your this part of your ceremony with the unity candle music during your ceremony rehearsal. This helps everyone (especially if you are including children) to feel confident in what they have to do on the day.

4. When you play your unity candle music during the rehearsal you can also estimate how long it will take you to complete the ceremony. You can then decide on a place in the song where it can be faded out or cut short (if you are having it sung by someone). It can become awkward to stand around and wait for the song to finish if you have chosen one that is rather long. If you are concerned about doing this then opt for one of the instrumental versions above. They can be very easily faded out.

5. You also need to decide when during your Unity Candle Ceremony do you want to start the music. If you have chosen a beautiful instrumental piece, then you can start it softly in the background while the officiant explains the symbolism. You can then have it turned up slightly when the minister is finished and you silently light the unity candle. If you have chosen a song with vocals then start it after the officiant has done his/her part. You don't want the song to compete with what he/she has to say.

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