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Storybook Love from the Princess Bride by VSQ

I love this theme. Everyone at my wedding will hear the theme and know where it is from & make the association I did.

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Contemporary Wedding Processional Songs


Not a traditional gal? Looking for some contemporary wedding processional songs for your walk down the isle? Here are some favourites.

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Instrumental Wedding Music for your Ceremony

Instrumental Processional songs

A choice of beautiful instrumental wedding music for your walk down the isle and your wedding ceremony

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Wedding Ceremony Music - Classical

Classical processional

If you are looking for the perfect piece of classical wedding ceremony music for your walk down the isle, whether it be traditional classical or something that is not overused but appropriate.

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Non-Sappy father daughter songs

non sappy father daughter songs

Looking for non-sappy father daughter songs? Not everyone wants to ruin their mascara - choose something that is not overused and that will not have everyone reaching for their tissues!

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Marry Me - Train

My fiance has played this song for me occasionally since we've been engaged (probably even before that), and I had never really really listened to it.

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Only Time - Enya

Kate walked down the aisle to Only Time by Enya, played on acoustic guitar. DOWNLOAD - Only Time MP3 Lyrics: Who can say where the road goes where

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"Home" By Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros

My fiancee and I were in a long distance relationship for several years, and though we didn't have a physical home together, visiting was the best because

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Girl on Fire - Alicia Keys

My SIL walked down the aisle to Girl on Fire sang by a good friend and very talented vocalist. The whole congregation was whooping it up and choking

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Father Daughter Wedding Song

Father Daughter Songs

Find the perfect father daughter wedding song for your dance with your father on your wedding day.

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10 Sexy Garter Toss Songs

Sexy Garter Toss

A collection of our choice of the 10 sexiest garter removal and garter toss songs. Surprize your groom with a hot number and make your garter removal an event to remember

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Wedding Slideshow Songs

Wedding Slideshow Songs

Some ideas for wedding slideshow songs to set the soundtrack for all the special moments you want to show in your slideshow.

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Mother Son Wedding Dance Song Alternatives

Fun mother son wedding dance songs

Looking for an alternatieve mother son wedding dance song idea? Look no further! Inspiration is at hand.

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Mother And Son Wedding Song

Mother Son Wedding Dance

Thinking of having a Mother and Son Wedding Song at your wedding? Find your perfect mother son wedding song here to make this a special moment in your wedding.

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Top Wedding Love Songs 2013

Top Songs 2013

The top wedding love songs of 2013 that would make your first dance, cake cutting or wedding slideshow something special.

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Wedding Songs 2013

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