Father Daughter Songs

Choosing from all the father daughter songs out there can be quite daunting and just listening to most of them can have you in tears! And it is not even your wedding day!

If this is not really what you had in mind for your special day and that special dance with your dad, then read on:

10 Non Sappy Father Daughter Songs:

What are some suggestions for father daughter songs that are not sappy and overly sentimental?

You may want to dance with your daddy without having everyone reaching for their tissues, or you just want something that is a little happier and more up beat.

non sappy father daughter songs

Most traditional father daughter songs can make a lot of brides (and guests) gag as they are so over sentimental. Some brides love that, but some do not.

If you prefer something that will honor your relationship with your dad, but won't have your mascara running, then we have a list of our top 10 non-sappy father and daughter songs:

1 Elvis Presley-The Wonder of You

If you or your dad are Elvis fans, then this is a great choice. It is not one of the traditional father daughter songs that speak of a little girl growing up, but talks about being there for one another - just what a daddy should be for his children.

2 I Wish You Love - Dean Martin

What more can a father wish for his daughter but love? This is a great song that is sweet, not too slow and will surely bring a smile to everyone's faces! Take a listen:

3 Find Love - Clem Snide

A slow, but not overly sentimental song that is about encouraging somebody to chase their dreams, face their fears and to find love and give it all away. Definitely not over used (and perhaps never even heard) but definitely worth the listen as an option for your father daughter dance.

4 The Way You Look Tonight - Frank Sinatra

If you are looking for a song that is classy, then you cannot go wrong with something from Frank! This little song is perfectly upbeat and which bride does not want to be remembered with a smile the way she looked on her wedding day?

5  Daughter – Loudon Wainwright III

This quirky little song will creep into your heart. Most people will know it from the movie "Knocked Up". It is up-beat and pays tribute to everything a dad has contributed to the woman his daughter has become.

6 Wildflowers - Tom Petty

Tom Petty's music has always given me a feeling for freedom and that is also echoed in this gorgeous little song where he says: "you belong among the wild flowers, you belong somewhere you feel free".

A dad wants his little girl to explore and find what makes her happy in life. Have a listen:

7 My Girl - The Temptations

Sweet, joyful and classic. You cannot ask for more. Listen below to see if this might just be the song for your dance with your dad:

8 Gracie – Ben Folds

For lovers of Indie music this little number from Ben Folds might just be what you are looking for. It is sentimental, a little funny at times but never soppy.

9 Nothing Can Change This Love - Sam Cooke

A jazzy number that is actually a love song, but the lyrics work perfectly well for a father daughter song. A father's love for his daughter is steadfast and unchanging.

10 My Darling - Wilco

A sweet slow song that is perfect for somebody who does not want something that is over used and overly soppy:

Also keep in mind that dancing with you dad for the full 4 minutes (the average length of a song) might seem like an eternity. Ask your DJ if it is possible to cut the song sometime after around 2 and a half minutes. A good DJ will be able to fade in a new song without it sounding like the song has been cut short. If that will not work in your particular case, then choose a shorter song!

I hope you find something that you can use among the father daughter songs listed above, and if you have any other suggestions, we would love to extend this list, so leave us a message below: 

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