First Dance Ideas

Nervous? Excited? Looking for some first dance ideas to make sure this moment is has the awe factor it deserves? We get it, this is an important moment in your wedding day and you want to get it just right.

Maybe you are a little nervous about your first dance. Being in the spotlight, dancing while everyone is watching you can be exhilarating and the highlight of your big day - unless you (or your fiance) has two left feet. 

If the thought of dancing in front of everyone terrifies you and you would rather not do it at all, read the first dance tips below before you argue with your future spouse about it and forfeit this special memory of your wedding day.

First Dance Ideas

12 First Dance Ideas and Tips:

1. Try and choose a romantic song with a steady dance beat that is consistent throughout the song. Click here for lists of wedding first dance songs for all music tastes.

2.  If the two of you cannot agree on a song and it is causing tension during your planning, then discuss a topic/theme for your song. Perhaps you are high school sweethearts, you were in a long distance relationship, you both waited a long time for the right person etc. Search for these keywords on lyric sites and see what you come up with.

3. Don't choose a song that is too long. Around 3 minutes is perfect. If even 3 minutes seem too long for you or your chosen song is 6 minutes long, ask your DJ to fade it out at an appropriate moment.

4. Go for some dance lessons or buy an instruction video at least 3 months before your wedding to give you enough time to plan, practice, and perfect your dance. If your dancing skills are truly lacking, then don't do anything choreographed. Rather choose a style of dancing like Rumba, Cha Cha or Waltz. Click here for songs for ballroom dancing.

5. Together with your partner and/or instructor plan a dance that is easy to learn, will look natural and is interesting to photograph. Add in some sexy moves, dips, turns and spins for interest if you are up to it. If not, just learn the basic moves.

6. Measure out your dance floor at the reception to make sure you will have enough room to dance and you can also become accustomed to the size.

7. Keeping your reception venue in mind, plan how and where you are going to start (enter), and end your dance.

8. When you meet with your musicians, DJ and photographers, let them know as well where your dance will start so that they can start the music at the appropriate time and that the photographers can position themselves in the correct spot as well.

9. Decide and plan if you want to dance the whole song on your own, or if you want to invite the wedding party to join in half way. Inform your musicians of this choice. If you are truly terrified of the spotlight, then tell your MC or DJ to announce after a minute of dancing (enough time for the photos) that your wedding party and/or guests should join in.

10. If you are taking dance lessons you should plan to practice at least twice a week, a half hour or more each time. Practicing between dance lessons helps you to feel more confident on the actual night.

11. Brides must make sure that they will be able to perform the practiced dance in their wedding dress. Check to see if you can raise your arms comfortably, that the skirt is not too long, and make sure you can gather your train somehow (if you have one).

12. And lastly, whatever happens, smile and keep dancing. It is also a great crowd pleaser to start and finish this special moment with a kiss!

Click here for a great First Dance Instruction Video!

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