Wedding Slideshow Music

A wedding slideshow can generally mean one of two things:

A slideshow of your actual wedding day with photos of the ceremony and the reception, set to music.

A nice idea to make showing your best wedding photos and video clips to people a real joy.

Or it can be a selection of photos and videos from the bride and groom as children growing up and then some photos of when they met and their life together before the wedding day.

This second kind of wedding slideshow can add such a lovely touch to your wedding reception and will also give your guests a better insight into who you are as a couple, and where you came from before you met each other.

And for those who have known you all your life, it will bring back some sweet memories as well as possibly a few laughs!

Wedding slideshows, whether you want one of your actual wedding day or one to show during the reception, are becoming increasingly popular, and with some clever (and often free programs) they are quite quick and easy to make.

5 Wedding Slideshow Tips:

Wedding Slideshow Tips

1. Do not make it too long. This is definitely a point to stress. 6 - 10 minutes maximum. This way you will keep the attention of your audience. If you don't want to make the slideshow a main event, but would like to run it continually in the background on a laptop, then make it as long as you wish.

2. Choose photographs or short video clips that will bring forth some emotional response from your guests. Think about a 2 year old groom in a bubble bath, the bride getting ready for her prom dance, fishing with her dad or a school photo of a toothless smile.

3. Keep in mind that although you might know who the people in the photos are, some of your guests might not. Therefore categorize your slideshow into two or perhaps three categories or "scenes" - one of the bride before she met the groom, one of the groom before his life with the bride and then one of their lives since they met. If you are using two categories, then make it one of the couple as they are growing up and the second section of the two together. Separate each one with a small text introduction and different wedding slideshow music or songs.

4. Avoid using too much text. People don't want to have to read too much. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

5. Add some movement to your slideshow. Don't just rely on transitions between photos. Zoom into some of the pictures and add some video footage if you have. Ken Burns effect can also add some great movement to photos and you can get quite creative with it.

Slideshow Music

Wedding Slideshow Music

The music you choose to use with your slideshow can really make or break it. Choose these songs wisely and you will have your guests wiping tears or laughing, all depending on what moments of your lives you wish to highlight.

For some ideas on songs to use for the photos of the bride and groom growing up as well as photos of the two of them together (before or after the wedding, depending on when you want to make the slideshow), Click Here.

Need Some Technical Help?

Smilebox also has a free wedding slideshow maker to help you create a slideshow to showcase how you met, or even make one after the wedding from your wedding photos as a keepsake. You can share this slideshow to Facebook, burn to DVD or load to a digital frame. See how it works here.

If you have any other suggestions or tips, I would love to hear them. Drop me a message in the comments below here.

Wedding Slide Show Video:

Below is an example of a slideshow that a couple made to be shown at their wedding reception:

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