Instrumental Wedding Music

Thinking of using Instrumental wedding music? This is a great choice for your walk down the isle as well as for the rest of your wedding ceremony if classical music is not your thing, but you don't want to use something modern with lyrics. Instrumental songs can be very versatile. They give an air of class without being stiff and formal and you can use a piece that most people would know or something totally obscure and unknown.

instrumental wedding music for your ceremony

For your processional song (the song you walk down the isle to) you can choose an instrumental version of a favorite love song. These are often softer and slower compared to the original song and perfect to use as wedding processional music.

If you are a die-hard rock fan, but playing your favorite rock ballad as you walk down the aisle might cause your grandmother or your in-laws to raise their eyebrows, then why not consider a lovely instrumental version of it? They will gaze at you adoringly as you make your way down the isle to the instrumental wedding music and you will sing the lyrics in your head as you walk to your groom!

Movie soundtracks are also a good source to look for instrumental wedding music. They often have great wedding processional music choices as well as general wedding ceremony choices. These beautiful scores were composed for the purpose of moving the emotions of the audience and to help them experience the true love of the characters for one another - perfect for the soundtrack to your wedding ceremony! 

Here are a few nice choices for instrumental wedding songs that you can use for your walk down the isle or in any other part of your wedding ceremony:

Instrumental Wedding Music:

The Wedding - James Horner (from Legend of the Falls) Download Download with Itunes
Fairytale - Harry Gregson-Williams (from Shrek) Download Download with Itunes
Hymn to Hope - Secret Garden (a beautiful New Age instrumental) Download Download with Itunes
The Kiss - Trevor Jones (From Last of the Mohicans) Download Download with Itunes
Across The Stars (Love Theme from Attack of the Clones) - London Symphony Orchestra Download Download with Itunes
Bella's Lullaby (From Twilight) - Piano Version Download Download with Itunes
Pelagia's Song - Stephen Warbeck (from Captain Corelli's Mandolin) Download Download with Itunes
Maid Marian - Michael Kamen (from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) Download Download with Itunes
Once Upon a Time ... Storybook Love - Mark Knopfler (from Princess Bride) Download Download with Itunes
The Wedding Song - Kenny G Download Download with Itunes
A Gift of Thistle - London Symphony Orchestra (from Braveheart) Download Download with Itunes
The Secret Wedding - London Symphony Orchestra (From Braveheart) Download Download with Itunes
For the Love of a Princess - London Symphony Orchestra (from Braveheart) Download Download with Itunes
Hymne - Vangelis Download Download with Itunes
Pretty Donna - Collective Soul (a pretty string instrumental) Download Download with Itunes
Nothing Else Matters - Apocalyptica (cello tribute to Metallica) Download Download with Itunes
Now We Are Free - Lisa Gerrard (from Gladiator) Download Download with Itunes
I Will Find You - Clannad (from the Last of the Mohicans) Download Download with Itunes
Love Theme from Cinema Paradiso Download Download with Itunes

If non of the above are what you were looking for, then perhaps also look at our other pages for suggestions on processional songs, and make sure to read our tips on how to choose the best songs to walk down the isle to here.

More Wedding Processional Music:

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We would love to make this page as comprehensive as possible, so please, if you have any suggestions of instrumental wedding music you think we should add here, please list them below in the comments! TIA

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